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CPA Crane Hire

Under the terms of a standard CPA (Construction Plant-hire Association) Crane Hire Contract, the crane and the operator are the responsibility of the customer once the crane leaves the public highway in order to access site. This includes travel on any access roads in the event that the site is not immediately adjacent to the public highway.

Under CPA Model conditions, it is the responsibility of the organisation requiring a lifting operation (the hirer) to:

  1. Provide an Appointed Person (Competent Person) to plan the lifting operation. The Appointed Person is responsible for planning the lift and all the personnel and equipment involved.
  2. Prepare a method statement relating to the lift completed by the appointed person.
  3. Ensure that appropriate signalling arrangements are in place and that competent Signaller(s) / Slinger(s) are in control of the lifting operation.
  4. Ensure that adequate and sufficient risk assessments have been carried out, that necessary control measures have been implemented to minimise risk and that the lifting plan/method statement is adhered to.
  5. Ensure that the craneage and lifting equipment supplied is of suitable type and capacity to carry out the lifting operation.
  6. Ensure that all personnel involved are trained, qualified and competent to carry out their tasks.
  7. In addition, under standard CPA terms, the Customer must provide the following insurance cover:
    - Loss of, or damage to, our plant while on site
    - Loss of, or damage to, the goods being lifted
    - Continuing hire charges whilst the plant is 'off the road' for repairs following damage
    - Public liability
    – injury to driver/operator, injury to other parties, including damage to their property, arising from the crane operations.
  8. Ensure adherence to LOLER 1998 and all other HSE requirements.

For hires under CPA Crane Hire agreements, it is important to note the following;

The customer's Appointed Person must have the knowledge and understanding of all aspects of the lifting operation;

The crane owner must supply a competent operator and crane fit for the intended purpose. BS7121 - Safe Use of Cranes gives a full description of such responsibilities.

It may be necessary to arrange additional insurance when hiring mobile cranes especially due to the high values of some equipment. This can be arranged by us on behalf of our customer for a set percentage fee.

In summary, under CPA Crane Hire agreement, it is the customer's responsibility to fully plan, manage, control and insure the crane operation and personnel.

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