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Bernard Hunter Ltd is Fully Licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland (SEPA)
Scrap Your Vehicle
  1. Highly competitive prices for scrap vehicles
  2. End-of-Life Vehicles (ELVs)

Bernard Hunter strives to meet the tightening environmental treatment standards and has been licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland (SEPA) to become an Authorised Treatment Facility (ATF).

  1. Approved Treatment Facility (ATF)

Bernard Hunter has purpose-built de-pollution equipment where vehicles are handled in the most environmentally responsible manner, in line with legislation. We extract all the operating fluids, and remove batteries, wheels and hazardous parts.

  1. DVLA Certificate of Destruction

Following identification checks, we take your vehicle from you, take care of the paperwork and de-register the vehicle with the DVLA and issue you a Certificate of Destruction as evidence that your vehicle as been recycled by a licensed and responsible metal dealer.

  1. Vehicle Uplift Service

Bernard Hunter provides a vehicle uplift service for all vehicles throughout the Edinburgh and Lothians area.

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Metal Recycling
  1. Scrap Metal - Ferrous & Non Ferrous

We buy all grades of scrap metal at our certificated and approved recycling facility. Metals include all ferrous grades such as iron and steel, as well as non-ferrous metals such as copper, brass, aluminium, stainless steel and lead.

  1. Top Prices Paid

Bernard Hunter continuously monitors price fluctuations according to worldwide markets and can guarantee to offer highly competitive prices.

  1. Collection Service

We can offer a collection service for all types and quantities of metal. Skip containers can be supplied for the removal of scrap metal, and with the grouping of our Cranes and Transport services no item is too big or too heavy to handle.

  1. Cable Granulation

Bernard Hunter can handle any cable from Drop Wire to Co-Axial. Upon receiving, the cable is weighed and sampled by our experienced team. This gives us the precise metallic content for each load so we can pay you accurately. The material is then graded and sorted ready for the granulation process.

We guarantee exceptional service, secure destruction and highly competitive prices for your cable.

  1. Licences and Certification

Bernard Hunter Ltd is Fully Licensed by the Scottish Environmental Protection Agency in Scotland (SEPA). All licences are displayed at our Authorised Treatment Facility. All Licences and Certification are available upon request.